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Mountain View Natural Medicine is a full-service naturopathic medical clinic. Founded in 2010, Mountain View’s mission is to provide outstanding naturopathic primary and specialty care to Vermonters. Located within a large integrative health center, Eastern View Integrative Medicine, the naturopathic practice at Mountain View provides most primary care services as well as referrals to specialists in both conventional and alternative medicine.

In 2013, Mountain View began operating as an advanced primary care practice, known as a “patient centered medical home.” This means that our primary care patients continue to enjoy the personalized whole-person care that we’ve always provided, but with added focus on partnering with you to prevent and treat health issues. Primary care patients may notice:

  • proactive contacts from our office to keeping you up-to-date with important visits and screenings
  • enhanced services: onsite nutritionist, health coach, social worker and acupuncturist
  • coordination of referrals to specialists, behavioral health providers, and imaging
  • improved tracking of health information, medications, supplements, labs and hospitalizations

Patients can expect holistic, evidence-based natural medicine from our physicians, and support in making healthy changes from our larger team at Mountain View. It is our hope that this partnership will help you thrive through all the ages.