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Mountain View’s Patient Library contains helpful information, articles, hand-outs and tools that will assist our patients in reaching their health goals. It is intended for current Mountain View patients who have been directed by their doctor to access this information.

Current patients: call the office at 802-860-3366 for your password. If you already have a password, please click here.             

Note: While you are invited to browse our library, Mountain View Natural Medicine cannot be held responsible for care you choose outside of your doctor's prescribed treatment plan.



It is possible, and natural, to transition gracefully from our reproductive years to our wisdom age.  But sometimes, it takes help along the way. You want to know your treatment options in order to make wise, informed choices at this time of hormonal changes. Menopause: Bridging the Gap Between Conventional and Natural Medicine discusses today’s conventional and alternative treatment options intelligently and without bias. In this clearly-written, balanced and authoritative work, your guides are three experts — a naturopathic physician, a gynecologist, and a psychiatrist who have partnered to produce the most helpful guide on menopause to date.  These doctors explain the different issues,  the pros and cons of the different therapies and discuss why each may or may not be appropriate for you as an individual.  This book will help you choose the mix of conventional and natural therapies that are right for you, with knowledge and confidence.

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