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Your Medical Home

We look forward to serving your long-term health!

Naturopathic primary and specialty care
based on prevention, wellness,
and addressing the root causes of illness.

Conditions We Treat

Thyroid and adrenal disorders, anxiety and depression, sleep problems, fatigue, digestive disorders, inflammatory conditions (such as arthritis, asthma, allergies and skin problems), auto-immune disorders, infections (such as colds and flus, ear infections, bronchitis, UTIs), musculoskeltal issues and much more.

  • Routine Physicals
  • Primary Care Screenings
  • Treatment of Most Minor and Moderate Acute Illness
  • Chronic Disease Management
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Weight Management
Integrative Urgent Care
Same-day appointments for minor acute illness
Colds, flus, minor infections, minor injuries, etc.
Appropriate use of natural and prescription medicine
Women’s and Men’s Health
Annual preventive screenings and exams
Reproductive health
Treatments for issues such as menopause, PMS, fertility, vaginal infections, cycle problems, breast and bladder health, sexual function, fibroids and more.
Complementary Medicine

Enhancing the effectiveness and minimizing side effects of conventional treatments for cancer, surgery, auto-immune disease, injuries and most other acute or serious health concerns.

Preventive Medicine

Beyond screening, we assess potential future health issues based on your individual and family health histories and offer individualized wellness plans aimed at keeping YOU healthy for decades to come.  Stress reduction, optimal diet, correct supplements and judicious use of prescriptions all addressed.

We reserve space for same-day appointments for your urgent health issues.  During office hours, call the clinic for urgent concerns, or 911 for emergencies. Urgent medical care after hours is available to established patients via telemedicine video or phone.  This includes things like fever, COVID symptoms, infection etc. that cannot wait until the clinic re-opens.  The on-call physician may direct you to our Telemedicine page to begin a visit.  Note that charges may apply to telemedicine care, consistent with your normal coverage.
More About Us

In 2013, Mountain View began operating as an advanced primary care practice, known as a “patient centered medical home.” This means that our primary care patients continue to enjoy the personalized whole-person care that we’ve always provided, but with added focus on partnering with you to prevent and treat health issues. Primary care patients may notice:

  • proactive contacts from our office to keeping you up-to-date with important visits and screenings
  • enhanced services: nutrition visits, health coach, social worker and acupuncturist
  • coordination of referrals to specialists, behavioral health providers, and imaging
  • improved tracking of health information, medications, supplements, labs and hospitalizations

Patients can expect holistic, evidence-based natural and integrative medicine from our physicians, and support in making healthy changes from our larger team.  We hope this partnership will help you thrive through all the ages. We look forward to serving your long-term health!

Our welcoming entrance

We look forward to joining with you in your healing journey.

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