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We are now offering Telehealth

We are committed to your ongoing health — whether related to COVID-19 or any other condition.  We are pleased to now offer telemedicine video visits which you complete from home.

Telemedicine appointments are now available with Mountain View, seven days per week!  CALL 802-860-3366 TO SCHEDULE YOUR APPOINTMENT, which you complete from the comfort of your own home.  All you need is internet connection through a computer or phone that have a camera. (i.e. if Facetime of Skype work for you, you have this!). Established patients of the clinic can access a doctor via Telehealth 24 hours per day, 7 days per week during this pandemic.  Call 802-860-3366 either during or after office hours for instructions.

Health insurance plans in Vermont are mandated to provide the same coverage for telemedicine visits as an in-office visit. We are offering these visits as a way to reduce community exposure opportunities, and to keep you and others safe from asymptomatic spread of COVID-19.  Most visit types, follow-ups, medication management, nutrition and natural medicine counseling and many acute visits, with the exception those requiring certain physical examinations, can occur via telemedicine. Call us to schedule yours.

No log-in is required.  Patients will be given a simple url (internet address) to type into their browser five minutes before their scheduled visit.  Regular copays and deductibles, as always, will be will be collected by the office in a separate phone call, either while scheduling, or afterward.

Scheduling a 15-30 minute visit is the BEST way to get information about how to prevent or manage COVID-19 that is specific to your and your family.  WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOU THROUGH THIS, AND WE ARE AVAILABLE!